How we became evangelists for Concierge Onboarding

Our eureka moment started with Cold Stone ice cream...

Well, sort of. It actually started a few hours earlier while reviewing our customer metrics for allaboard, our SaaS app.

Paying customers were churning right off. Free trial users stopped converting into paying customers.

Even though our product, marketing, and understanding of customers were better.

We didn't know what to do to get MRR growing again. We were following popular advice like “make the onboarding process as fast and easy as possible!” and “send automated lifecycle emails!”

But they didn’t work.

So, yeah. We decided to go out for ice cream and figure out what went wrong and what to do about it.

As we talked about our customers it became obvious that our earliest customers stuck with our product because we invested time getting to know them, their business, and helped them see ways to achieve their goals with it.

And we talked about ways we could get to know our new customers too - ways to “do things that don’t scale” to onboard new users. We realized we could just schedule a phone call with our new customers - and decided to do just that.

We decided to talk to all new customers

We got them on the phone, discussed their goals and challenges, and helped them understand how to use allaboard to achieve their goals.

We learned there's even a term for it: Concierge Onboarding.

And it worked! That’s why this site exists.

If that sounds useful to you, you’re in the right place.

What is this site? Here's what we're all about:

1. Increasing MRR by reducing churn and increasing conversions through Concierge Onboarding

Here, you'll learn:

Manually onboarding each customer has been so effective for our startups that we built a tool to optimize and do it without a lot of time: All Aboard!

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2. No theory. Only truth and what works from the trenches.

You won’t see BS business fiction here.

No growth hacking and automating your way to $1 million in a month. No theories and consultants on what you ‘should’ be doing.

Just business people in the trenches practicing what we preach and sharing stories, tools, and lessons learned.

3. Useful content, yes. But good writing, too.

Sad to see these emails come to an end. This is hands down some of the best startup lessons I have ever read. I have taken a shitload of courses and read countless books, but this course is truly a game changer for me. — Shaun Singh

You could be in a million other sites right now, but you choose to spend your time with us.

We respect that.

There’s already too much crap on the internet. So no listicles, fluff, and writing for content marketing’s sake here. Only stuff you can use.

We want to hear from you, for real.

What are your challenges with conversions? Churn? What would be useful to you?

Email me at kevin@allaboard.io

Not ready to email us? Take our free course, Double Your Trial-to-Paid Conversions with Concierge Onboarding, instead.