How to scale concierge onboarding by identifying your most qualified prospects

SaaS founders are discovering huge benefits to doing concierge onboarding.

Aside from gaining customer development insights, which lead to more effective marketing campaigns and a better product… It can almost guarantee an increased conversion rate and consequently, MRR.

You're almost sure to get a paying customer.

Stop and think about that.

What's a year’s subscription worth to you? $600? $960? $1200?

If you spend just one hour doing concierge onboarding for 2 people a day, and you convert half of them? You’d be converting 30 more people per month and increasing your ARR by $18,000.

No other activity can give you more bang for 30 minutes of time. And it’s accountable. Unlike A/B testing headlines and landing pages, you can track results quite easily. Just track the people you did concierge onboarding on and see how many of them converted (and how much more money they’re paying you).

The opportunity costs of not doing it are huge as well —

— Getting in front of new eyeballs is incredibly expensive. — And frankly, while tempting, it’s also stupid to keep prospecting out there when you’re not maximizing what you already have.

But ... I'm so busy ... won't this take a lot of time?

This is the most commmon reaction to concierge onboarding from companies who haven't tried it. Sure, a lot of your free trial users will never convert to paying customers - so talking to all of them probably is a waste of time.

The issue then isn’t that concierge onboarding takes too much time… It’s that you’re doing it on the wrong people.

Don’t try to date everyone!

Don’t dismiss concierge onboarding as something you’re too busy to do. Just get smarter about it by identifying your most qualified prospects and investing in them.

And it’s not fancy, complicated stuff like lead-scoring, etc.

What you need is a way to scan your prospects and quickly qualify them. If you know what to look for, your most qualified prospects are already self-selecting themselves all day long.

Here’s how we qualify our customers in 5 minutes/day

We look at three things:

What do you actually do in real life?

Who they are

Is your new customer the CEO of small company in Manhattan? Or a single founder in Manila?

You can learn a lot by looking at simple data like IP addresses or country bank data in Stripe.

Sometimes even an email address can tell you a lot.

For instance… Does having a gmail or company email address make a prospect more likely to become a paying customer? doesn’t do concierge onboarding on customers with generic addresses like gmail — they've discovered these customers are less likely to convert.

Other SaaS companies make extensive use of Google's API and invest more time with customers who register with gmail addresses.

Look at your best customers, examine what data you have and look for patterns.

What they’ve done

Did they fill up their profile? Did they upload a photo? Did they connect to whatever you told them to connect to?

Generally, the more time and thought they’ve invested, the more committed they are. They’re also more likely to use your product more.

Invest your time in subscribers who’ve shown they’re willing to invest in you.

How much they’re potentially willing to spend

What plan did they sign up for?

The person who signs up for a more expensive plan is practically screaming at you that he’s willing to give you a lot of money. Don’t ignore him or treat him the same as the least expensive subscriber!

That’s it. Who they are, what they’ve done, and how much they’re potentially willing to spend.

If you do this qualifying process daily and you arrange the data where you can see these three in a glance, this process should take only 5 minutes per day. It will make you a lot of money and save you a lot of time.

Can I help you?

Regardless of how many sign ups you’re getting, if your goal is to grow, you have to do concierge onboarding.

Because if you’re not, then you’re intentionally leaving a lot of money on the table.

You don’t have to believe me. Experiment with it for 30 days. Do concierge onboarding on half of your free trial subscribers. Don’t do anything with the other half.

Use this concierge onboarding tracker to track who’s who. In three months, see who’ve converted and how much money doing CO has made you.

Are you ready to do concierge onboarding and start growing again? Reply to this post or email me and I’ll help you get customers to self-schedule with you, figure out what to say in conversations, etc.

I’ll even follow up with you in 3 months to keep you accountable and discuss how you can improve the process (or — but I bet not — you can also curse me for wasting your time)

Just leave a comment and let's concierge onboard your users together.

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Photo credit: Nur Alia Mazalan